Wednesday Mid-Day Bike Ride: 48 miles

Wednesday Mid-Day Bike Ride: 48 miles

A few days ago I sketched out a route from the Philadelphia Art Museum that headed down to Delaware. Yesterday I reviewed that route as if I were going to make it into a RUSA perm route. This morning when I got up I decided I wanted to ride the route later today. I’ll need to add a front-end to the route to get it up to 62 miles. But I liked the route and it’ll be my second perm that passes through the State of Delaware.

I rode my old track bike with a 60″ gear today. I had a headwind all the way to the turnaround. And I had a nice tailwind all the way back to my car at the Art Museum.

Click on the map below to view the route as I recorded it during today’s ride.

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