Gearing on My Cinelli Rando Bike

Gearing on My Cinelli Rando Bike

My second year as a RUSA member has pretty much come to a close. I may still ride a few of my perms before December 31st, but I don’t plan to be riding either my Cinelli road bike or Felt CX bike between now and then. It’s fixie season now!

In my first year doing rando rides I started the season with a triple crankset on the Cinelli (53-42-30) matched to a 14 through 25 9-spd cassette. I made it up some pretty big hills with that combination. However, I switched the cassette to an 11 through 34 before October 2017 when I tackled my first 1200k event (which included some hills).

Over the winter between last year and this year I decided to install a 26T granny ring on the bike to replace the 30T I had been using. I liked the smaller ring, but I began having problems with a dropped chain at times, and at other times I was getting the chain wedged in my cranks between the granny ring and the middle ring.

A few months ago I put the 30T back on the Cinelli and I stopped having problems. But I haven’t really been using the granny gear much. So maybe the problems are still there? Anyway, I’m in the process of switching up the chainrings for next year. Today I ordered online three new chainrings that should work on my crankset: a 48T, a 39T, and a 24T. I suspect that this will be the best combination of chainrings I could hope for. 48 minus 39 is 9 teeth. That jump should not cause problems. And 39 minus 24 is 15 teeth which is less than the jump between 50T and 34T usually found on Compact Cranks. So I don’t think there should be a problem there. I might need a chain catch? But I’ll figure that out after I install the new rings.

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