Saturday Bike Ride: 125 miles

Saturday Bike Ride: 125 miles

Yesterday I debated whether to go for a metric century ride or not. The “not” won out. But in doing so I decided I wanted to ride today the 200k perm I’d created last year that starts and ends in downtown Philly – The Schuylkill River Trail, I call it. I’ve been feeling kind of bad about not riding it all year. Why create it if I’m not going to ride it?

I drove down to Philly early so I could get a start around daybreak. Turns out that was a good plan since there was some big crew event taking place on the Schuylkill River. Heading out on the ride I had to compete a little with spectators and competitors in the event along the “trail.” And coming back Kelly Drive had been closed off to traffic so I had a nice ride in the road.

The temp was pretty much ideal for a long bike ride. I think it was about 65 when I started and I doubt it ever got above 72 all day. I never saw the sun. Never rained, but the air was damp at times. This route was the second perm I got approved. I had forgotten many of the roads. But my trusty Garmin etrex kept me on course. Yesterday I had dusted off my old Schwinn High Sierra mountain bike (see picture below) so I could ride it today. It performed adequately. It’s not the fastest lug, but it moves OK I guess. I finished today’s ride in 9:46.

Click on the map below to see the ride recording at RWGPS.

1. 1988 Schwinn High Sierra

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5 Responses to Saturday Bike Ride: 125 miles

  1. Alex V says:

    the bike look great!
    what happened to your RM1200 ride in August?

  2. Thanks. The picture of the bike is old. It now has a dyno hub in the front wheel and a nice headlight. But looks pretty much the same.

    The results for the Mac and Cheese 1200k have not been posted to the RUSA Web site. I’m not sure what is taking so long. But until they are posted to the site I cannot count the ride as one that I successfully completed. 😦

    The organizer for the Mac and Cheese 1200k event has four (4) other events that have been held but not posted. If you go to this link ( and search the list of events for IL:Chicago you will see that the 1200k event still needs to be updated. When it is no longer in the list the results will have been posted.

  3. Alex V says:

    oh/ I suspected some kind of a problem so that they did not want to give a credit for the ride. Are you planning 1000K ride in NC in March? i actually I plan to be in the States at that time. Maybe I should bring my bike 🙂 But I will not survive a 1000K anyway.

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