Progress Toward a Second RUSA Cup

Progress Toward a Second RUSA Cup

This year was pretty much a bust when it came to my bike riding. I was moving along pretty good through the end of March, but got derailed when I developed an IT Band problem on my left side that caused me to stop riding for a month and lose fitness. But I have done enough rides to be well on my way to getting a second RUSA Cup award by early May, 2019. Assuming I will get credit for my ride on August 30 of this year, I will only owe a 1000k ride, a team event (Fleche), and a little more than 200k of miscellaneous riding to earn the award. Below is my record of calendared rides since earning my first RUSA Cup and expected dates of future calendared rides I’ll be doing.

11/11/17 200
12/02/17 200
01/20/18 200
03/24/18 200 200k
04/14/18 300 300k
05/05/18 400 400k
05/19/18 600 600k
08/30/18 1224 1200k
09/16/18 100 100k
10/20/18 154
11/17/18 100
03/09/19 1000 1000k
05/03/19 360 team
Total 5038 >5000k
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1 Response to Progress Toward a Second RUSA Cup

  1. Since creating this post I have thought about doing a 600k event in Tennessee the weekend of April 13. I don’t really need to do the event, and I certainly don’t need the credit for miles. However, the route will pass through TN, MS, and AL. That will get my American Explorer tally up to 18 states. It would also be nice to do a substantial RUSA event once a month from March through July.

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