A Nice Car Drive in Delaware

A Nice Car Drive in Delaware

Yesterday I got up early and departed for Middletown, DE at 5:15 AM. The previous day I had finally finished designing a 400k bicycle route around the lower part of Delaware, and I decided Thursday (yesterday) would be a lovely day to go for a long car drive. I was not disappointed. I did not get caught in too much traffic from Princeton driving I-95 past Philadelphia and arriving at the Wawa in Middletown where the route begins at 7 AM or so.

What a day for a car ride. The sun was out and the clouds were minimal. The temp was between 36 and 54. I think there was something of a breeze. But it did not phase me since I was inside my car with the windows up most of the day. It had been over 20 years since I had been down in the Delmar Peninsula. I remembered it being flat and much nicer than the Pine Barrens of NJ. And my memory was correct. I felt kind of like I was on a different planet compared to the one I regularly live on in NJ, PA, and NY.

I really like this ride. I ran into no detours. And all the roads were as expected. I’ll be very surprised if I get any recommendations for change when I submit it as a perm for RUSA approval. This route, or some reincarnation of it, will be the first day of a 600k, 1000k, and 1200k I will be designing probably within the next year. I suspect the start, overnight, and finish for the 600k will be down in Salisbury, MD where there are 4 somewhat inexpensive motels to use along with a few 24/7 convenience stores. I have not decided where the start, overnights, and finish will be for the 1000 and 1200, but I’m leaning toward Elkton, MD. The third day 300k will be routed inside the 400k. The second day 300k will be an out and back that heads up to Philadelphia to the Art Museum there and then heads out the Schuylkill River Trail as far as it needs to go for a turnaround at 150k. And for the 1200k, the final 200k will be in MD next to the 400k route without touching it.

Click on the map below of the 400k route to see it in more detail at RWGPS.

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