Currently Only 12 RUSA Perms Pass Through Delaware

Currently Only 12 RUSA Perms Pass Through Delaware

In the not-so-distant future I will be submitting a cycling route I have designed for RUSA approval as a perm. It will be my 19th such application, but the first for a route passing through Delaware south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. In the past I have submitted a 200k route that started in Pennsylvania and headed down into Wilmington, DE before heading north back into Pennsylvania. That application seemed easy to designate as one needing input from the Pennsylvania RUSA RBA. He has two brevets in his district’s “library of brevets” that pass through Delaware north of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. However, it is unclear which RUSA RBA has a legitimate claim over the southern quadrant of Delaware – the area below the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal.

Most of the currently existing RUSA perms start somewhere close to where US-50 hits land in Maryland on the Delmar Peninsula after crossing the Chesapeake Bay: Stevensville, Chester, and Centreville. Only one route to date starts in Delaware. So does the Maryland RBA legitimately lay claim to “ownership” of Delaware south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal? He only has one brevet in his “library of brevets” that passes through Delaware. But one of the RBAs from Virginia has a perm that comes up from VA (southern tip of the Delmar Peninsula) into MD and DE. And obviously his perm is also situated south of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. Does he have any stake in Delaware for his RUSA district?

My hunch is that there is no RUSA RBA that legitimately lays claim to Delaware. And I seriously doubt any of them have much first hand in-depth knowledge of the roads in Delaware. There is pretty much a total lack of brevets or perms in the State. Cyclists cannot ride their bike from Virginia to the Delmar Peninsula. Nor can they ride their bike from Maryland via US-50 to the Delmar Peninsula. So it seems logical that neither the VA or MD RBA’s have a legitimate exclusive claim to the territory. Seems like no RBA has a claim at present. And there is nothing stopping the PA RBA from creating a brevet from the north and coming down into the peninsula. He already has a claim to the northern part of the state. Is there a distinction between north and south? I haven’t heard of one.

It will be interesting to see if the RUSA Perm Coordinator who approves perm applications seeks guidance from any of the RBA’s for my upcoming route application. Since she lives in MD I suspect her personal knowledge of Delaware is just as good as any of the three RBA’s that could possibly chime in.

Oh well. I suppose it doesn’t really matter from my perspective. I’m just a lowly perm route designer and owner. RUSA districts don’t phase me. I’m just expected to restrict my route designs to areas that are “local” to me. And that simply means I have to physically examine the route before I submit it for application approval. Phew! I do look forward to developing a network of routes that go in and out of Delaware. The roads are nice, and they are flat. Just perfect for an old lazy cyclist like me.

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