Saturday Bike Ride: 63 miles

Saturday Bike Ride: 63 miles

It rained quite a bit last night, and when daylight arrived in the morning it was very wet outside and pretty humid. I had planned to go for a ride with a Princeton Freewheelers group on my track bike, but I’m pretty sure the ride was cancelled. Thought about going to the club for a swim and a gym workout, but Saturdays are usually kind of hectic over there. So I found myself at around 10AM saying to myself that a solo ride over to Jackson NJ from home would be a good thing. The sun had come out and was trying to dry the roads. But it was pretty windy – very windy.

I hadn’t gone on a bike ride for close to 2 weeks now. Been enjoying my time “off the bike.” But I have a metric century calendared ride out of Milford NJ in two weeks that I’m planning to do. So a ride today was probably a good thing for me. I stuck with my plan to ride my 60″ fixed-gear track bike and headed out by 11, and the ride took me 4.5 hours to complete. The big tendon behind my right knee got sore on this ride. I found myself slowing a bit around mile 40 when the headwinds were the worst. A cyclist from Holmdel NJ caught me around that time and I sat on his wheel for a couple of miles while he battled the headwind for me.

Click on the map below to see the recording of my ride at RWGPS.

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