New Year Brings New Riding Goals

New Year Brings New Riding Goals

2018 is about to end. It was not one of my best years with regard to bike riding. In fact, I didn’t enjoy riding all that much this past year. It went well for the first three+ months, but then I developed an IT Band problem on my left side in mid-April and had to stop riding for a month. That downtime caused my cycling fitness to drop off considerably. And thereafter it was a hassle to regain my fitness to a level where I could have fun riding in randonneur events. All in all, I did not ride in very many calendared RUSA events this year. Just 9 by my count, and 3 of them were only populaires (<200k). I did manage to do an SR series and one 1200k event though.

I currently owe two calendared RUSA events in order to get a second RUSA Cup award. One is a 1000k ride I plan to do in March down in NC, and the second is a 360k Fleche ride I plan to do in early May in PA. Sandwiched between those two rides I plan do a 200k ride in New England and a 600k ride in TN. All that riding will add 4 more states where I’ve successfully completed RUSA rides: RI, MS, AL, & TN.

May will be a busy month of riding. After completing the Fleche ride in PA I’ll be riding every weekend in PA, NJ, or NY. And the first weekend in June I’ll find myself back in New England to do a ride that heads into ME. Thus I’ll add yet another state to my list of states where I’ve successfully completed RUSA rides. The grand total at the end of 2.5 years doing RUSA will be 20 states.

After completing all that would probably be a good time to take the rest of the year off from riding. But no, I’m hoping to earn yet another RUSA Cup (my third) before the end of September. So I’ll be busy doing a 1000k ride in late June,  Some 200k rides in July through September, and a 1200k ride at the end of September. All that riding will have me adding GA and TX bumping my state count up to 22.

2019 will probably be the last year I ride this much. I cannot see myself not riding. But racking up calendared rides to earn silly awards has gotten a little excessive compulsive. The time to redirect energies will soon be here.

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