Some New Rides I’d Like to Do

Some New Rides I’d Like to Do

Growing up in Princeton as a competitive cyclist I learned the local road system west of US-1 over to the Delaware River and up to Somerville. That geographic area has many flat rides as well as non-flat rides. Later in life I joined the Princeton Freewheelers and was introduced to the roads east of US-1 and down to New Egypt. Then a couple of years ago I joined RUSA and was introduced to rides in North Jersey, eastern PA, and elsewhere.

This past month I’ve created several bike routes at RWGPS that I hope to do in 2019. They are all 200k and out-and-back courses. The first departs from the Wawa on US-1 at Bakers Basin Rd. The second departs from the Pilot Travel Center just west of Clinton. The third departs from the Wawa in Buckingham, PA. And the fourth departs from a Turkey Hill MM just north of Bethlehem, PA.

All four of the routes involve hills. And the fourth one is very hilly.

But I would also like to do some flat rides I have designed this year. One is in South Jersey, and two are in Delaware. CLICK HERE to see the 300k route in South Jersey. CLICK HERE to see the 400k route in Delaware, and CLICK HERE for the 300k route in Delaware.

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2 Responses to Some New Rides I’d Like to Do

  1. Alex V says:

    #4 (from Bethlehem up North) is a fun route. It includes the Smith Gap, which is a real tough climb. If u have never done it: it is really steep, unpaved (south side) and in 2017 when I rode it , there was lotsa gravel on the descend (North side; I climbed the south wall and descended to the north). I nearly crashed at 70km/h.

    what RM are u planning to ride in later Sept? Texas or r u going abroad?

    Happy new year Jeff! All the best to you, hope your plans come true, not like this season. But shit happens, what can we do.

  2. Happy new year to you too, Alex. The RM I’m planning to ride in the Fall is the one in TX. It’s somewhat easy to get to, it’s cheap, and the course looks easy. I originally wasn’t planning to do an RM this year. But obviously I changed my plans. By riding the TX event this year, I am free to ride a NC RM in 2020 and still get the Coast2Coast 1200k award then.

    I hope all is going well with you these days. Cheers! -Jeff

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