Saturday PFW B-Ride Out of Plainsboro

Saturday PFW B-Ride Out of Plainsboro

At 5 minutes of 9 this morning I still had no takers. And I never got any emails warning me that people would attend. So I was about to give up hope that someone would give me my 10th and final ride sheet for the year. Then one, and then another showed up. And after we had gone over to my car for me to get my helmet and turn on my GPS device another rider showed up. So when we departed together there was me, Josep, Pete, and Ira. I’d only ridden with Ira before. At the rest stop at the 7-Eleven on Princeton’s Nassau St we lost Ira. He emailed me after the ride what sort of happened.

I was riding my track bike as usual. The weather was nice for a bike ride. No rain, no snow, and the roads were dry. There was a wind. But it was not significant.

Click on the map below to see the route we rode.

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