Saturday 200k RUSA Ride in Rhode Island

Saturday 200k RUSA Ride in Rhode Island

I had a lot of fun on this ride. I’ve been planning to do it since the 2019 RUSA Calendar was released last October. There are not that many RUSA rides that pass through the state of Rhode Island. And I’ve been wanting to add Rhode Island to my American Explorer award for a bit now. I had a slow drive over to Rhode Island on Friday afternoon. Things got real slow at the George Washington Bridge and the 50 to 60 miles thereafter. But I was in no rush. I knew when I got to Rhode Island I planned to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep.

Woke up at 3 AM this morning and headed over to the ride start by Brown University. I think I was the first one to show up. There were going to be over 50 entrants at the starting line at 7 AM. Half of those people were not RUSA members – they were members of a local bike club that the ride organizer belonged to. So when the results for this ride are posted on the RUSA Web site there probably will only be 26 finishers or so.

I spoke with James H of PA Rando for the first few miles of the ride. Then the pace picked up and I went with the leaders (about 12 of us). Stayed with them for the first 25 miles, then fell off the pace. I don’t have any speed work in my legs yet this year. Jacob L caught me soon thereafter and we rode together to the first controle around mile 40, at which time Karen N caught us. The three of us finished the ride together. There was one other rider who had been with the lead group until his bike’s bottom bracket started to fall apart. He hobbled in with the three of us during the final 20 miles.

This was my fastest 200k to date. Supposedly the four of us who finished together will be given a finish time of 7 hours and 58 minutes. My previous fast time for 200k was 8 hours 22 minutes. The course conditions were ideal for a fast time. And the leaders finished about an hour ahead of us. I was riding my CX bike.

Click on the map below to see the GPX file I recorded during the ride.

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