Friday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Friday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Instead of a swim this morning I planned to head out on my CX bike for another RUSA metric century. Temp was around 65 degrees and no rain. However, there was a pretty significant wind to contend with. I kept the pace down so the wind didn’t pose too much of a problem. I probably could have gone for a ride yesterday if the weather had been agreeable. But it was raining and thundering more than not. So today was my first ride since completing the PA 600k last weekend.

Nothing much to mention regarding today’s ride. I pedaled and as a result I finished. Both my hipflexers are out of wack. The right one is worse than the left. I had quite a bit of trouble walking across both bridges that make it possible for me to go into and out of Pennsylvania during this ride. But nothing pinged! I’ll have to start doing some exercises to rehab those muscles. Plus I probably should start doing a little more walking than I’ve been doing of late. Mostly just relax, ride, and swim. Not good for general health.

Click on the map below to see the recording of today’s ride.

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