Monday Afternoon Solo RUSA Ride

Monday Afternoon Solo RUSA Ride

Beautiful day for a ride except for the strong wind. Temp was around 70 degrees, the sun was out, and everything was green. I had things to take care of in the morning, but by 1:30 or 2 in the afternoon I was able to get myself over my CX bike and did a 100k ride. I wasn’t exactly in the mood to do a ride today. It would have been easier to do it in the morning, but that was not an option. This was the first afternoon ride I have done all year.

I tried out some sunscreen sleeves I recently purchased. My arms are getting pretty dark from too much sun on rides. Been getting comments at the pool about my “farmer’s tan.” The sleeves seemed to work very well. Nothing particularly special to comment about the ride itself. All the drivers seemed to be courteous to me. No horn honking. By the end of the ride I was glad I got out and did it. Tomorrow I will only swim and then go to the beach for the day. The next day I have an all-day legal seminar I have to attend. So I won’t be back on the bike until Thursday. Friday will be a rest-day leading into 250-mile ride scheduled in Boston on Saturday.

Click on the map below to see the recording of my ride at RWGPS.

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