Failed Attempt at 1000k Ride

Failed Attempt at 1000k Ride

This past Wednesday I drove down to Leesburg, VA for a 4 AM Thursday morning start of a 625-mile ride put on by the Northern Virginia Randonneurs. The first day was to be a 260-mile ride, the second day 180 miles, and the third day was to be 180 miles. I did not do a good job planning my trip and as a result I was not well-rested at the start of the ride. Toward the end of the second day about 35 miles from the end of that day’s ride I took a wrong turn and went off course. Got lost sort of. And was unable to get myself back on course. Basically I was overly tired and kind of hallucinating. So I took a 4-hour nap along the side of the road until daylight reappeared. At which time I got back on my bike and peddled to the end of the second day’s route.

I was behind schedule, but I was still within time I could successfully finish the overall ride. I took a shower, ate some food, packed my overnight kit so it could be transported back to the start/finish in Leesburg, and headed out for the third day’s ride. Got about 25 miles into the ride and I almost fell asleep going 20 mph. Very close call. The sun was hot and the temp was over 85 degrees. I decided it would be best to throw in the towel. I could not find the motivation within me to continue to the finish.

So at approximately mile 470 I turned around and headed back to Hendersonville, VA (home of James Madison University) to regroup and figure out how to get me and my bike back to Leesburg where my car was. It was 25 miles back to Hendersonville. I picked up two pieces of gear I had forgotten to pack earlier that morning. So something kind of good came of me quitting the ride. I called AAA towing to have them come pick me and the bike up and transport me 100 miles toward Leesburg. They picked me up within 1.5 hours of my call. They dropped me 8 miles from my car in Leesburg. I had a nice meal before heading on home.

Some might say the trip was a waste since I didn’t get credit for riding any of the event. But I had a pretty good time doing the part of the ride that I did. The course was great. The people I met during the ride were wonderful. The weather for the most part was pretty good. And I did not have any crashes or problems like that. I just did not plan well ahead of time.

Click on the map below to see the overall route. I made it to mile 470, and rode a total of about 540. So I’m worn out now even though I did not to the full 625 miles the event required.

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1 Response to Failed Attempt at 1000k Ride

  1. alex V says:

    sorry to hear that. no doubt quitting was better than risking a full scale crash in a remote place.

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