Sunday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Sunday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Yesterday I spent a good amount of the daylight hours outside riding my bike in the sun. By the end of the ride, after roughly 11 hours in the saddle, I was pretty tired and sore. The temp had gotten into the 90s, and I don’t do too well riding in the heat. When I got home I felt more tired and more sore than I did when I finished the ride. Bummer. Anyway, I got cleaned up and fed and got into bed to get a good night’s sleep. When I got up this morning I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another ride. But I looked at the weather forecast and noticed if I left early I could probably get a 100k ride in before the heat got bad.

So I downloaded my Easy Peasy perm route, loaded it into my Garmin, and headed out on my Dahon folding bike. I haven’t ridden it for a while. But I was in the mood to ride a different bike than the one I rode yesterday. Didn’t need a light on it since I was departing after sunrise, but not by much.

The ride was uneventful for the most part. Early on I had a front flat tire. Took a few minutes to switch out the tube. I think I started the clock running around 6 AM, and by 9:30 it was starting to feel warm. Not a particularly fast ride as a result of the flat and heat, but not too slow either.

Click on the map below to see my recording of the ride that I have uploaded to RWGPS.

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