Thursday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Thursday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

The super hot heat seems to have dissipated as of yesterday. This morning was a pretty nice morning to go for a ride. I chose to do a perm I created earlier this year, but have never gotten around to riding. It was pretty nice actually. A little hilly, but nice.

I was riding my Dahon folding bike again. I might have passed 5 or 6 cyclists out on the road today. None were overly friendly.

Click on the map below to see my recording of this morning’s ride.

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2 Responses to Thursday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

  1. Alex V says:

    one of my favourite NJ course types: up & down on both sides of the river. In the spring I often employed unpaved sections. and there are a lot of them in the area. How many controls did you set on the course to make it a RUSA perm?

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