Saturday Morning PFW B Group Ride

Saturday Morning PFW B Group Ride

This morning when I got up I was not sure whether I wanted to go for a swim, go for a bike ride, or just veg-out. It was kind of overcast after sunrise. So it might have been a nice morning to go for a bike ride. I wasn’t in the mood to do one alone. I didn’t really want to do a swim either. So I took a peak at the PFW ride calendar online and noticed a Tom H ride listed to start from Griggstown at 8:30. I only had about an hour to get ready and get out there in order to attend.

The group that assembled included: Tom H, Laura L, Sergay, Ricky, Jack, and Jim. Lost Jack and Jim as we climbed into the Sourlands. The other 4 along with me continued together until the end of the ride. I had not ridden with this group for over a year now. But when I showed up it was as though we had just ridden together yesterday. I had fun on today’s ride. The miles just slipped by, and the 60 miles covered were totally painless even though I wasn’t really in the mood to ride today.

The heat by noon was “up there.” Yes, it was hot. But the pace of the ride was not fast and I was dressed appropriately. When we stopped at a Wawa about 20 miles into the ride I got a quart of whole milk. It was nice and cold and tasted good as I consumed it within about 5 gulps. Those around me ALL said they could not drink milk on a ride, especially on one as hot as today’s ride. I told them it was all I drank on rides.

At the second rest stop about 20 miles later in Whitehouse I sat at a table in front of the deli while the others went inside to get refreshment. I wasn’t hungry. I guess my milk was still keeping me going? When the others came out to sit with me they had questions about bike headlights powered by generator hubs, and other things related to randonneuring. I answered their questions. They seemed interested.

I’m at a stage in my cycling escapades that I’m not particularly crazy about randonneuring. I’ve had some fun experiences doing randonneuring since January of 2017, but I’m about ready for a change of pace when it comes to riding a bike. Somehow I got caught up in accumulating randonneuring awards rather than just having fun riding my bike. I think my biggest problem with randonneuring besides it not being especially healthy for someone who does not produce tons of testosterone (all of us over the age of 50), is how regimented the rides are. I enjoy riding new roads all the time. Or at least new combinations of roads. And I don’t like having to design a route so it fits neatly between two convenience store locations. But when you take randonneuring seriously that means it is going to consume lots of your time. And when anybody spends a lot of time doing something the people around them will assume (whether correctly or not) that that person will have a passion for doing the activity. I think the people I was riding with on the ride today think I’m really into randonneuring. I’ve got a few more rides I want to do as a randonneur. But I just don’t have the passion for it any longer. Of course, maybe I feel the way I do because I’ve earned most of the awards the activity has to offer? Cannot really say.

Certainly one of the reasons I enjoyed today’s ride was I was doing roads that I do not normally hit while doing my RUSA rides.

Click on the map below to see the recording of the ride I made using my GPS device. I was riding my folding bike again today.

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