Saturday All-Day Group RUSA Ride

Saturday All-Day Group RUSA Ride

Today’s ride was basically a repeat of last Saturday’s ride. I met Mary F again down in New Egpyt where this 300k ride begins and ends. The weather was about the same – hot. But this time we actually departed at 5AM like we had planned. Last week I caused us to leave about 40 minutes late. Late start translates into late finish. Early start translates into early finish usually.

We finished very early today since Mary was on a mission to complete the ride in under 16 hours. Last week we took 16H 39M. I came prepared to help Mary meet her goal. I brought enough nourishment and liquids with me so I would not have to delay Mary at the rest stops and/or controles. Any time delays at rest stops or controles were all on Mary. The plan worked because we finished today’s ride in 15H 23M.

Last week we had to take a detour about 6 miles before we got to the second controle in Pennsylvania. The road had been blocked to us because there were tree surgeons cutting down several trees along the side of the road. Today we saw the results of the work those tree surgeons performed. Many many trees had been removed and all that remained were large freshly cut stumps as we rode the road today.

Now that I have ridden this route twice in the last 8 days I think I can evaluate the quality of the ride. I have to say it really is a nice route. Not sure when I will do it again. But it is definitely a nice route. Not too flat, not too hilly, and not boring. It has an ample supply of rest stops. And I don’t think any of the roads are unsafe.

Click on the map below to see the recording I did of today’s ride and posted at RWGPS.

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