Sunday Afternoon Solo Ride

Sunday Afternoon Solo Ride

This weekend I’ve been working on polishing up my 1000k RUSA route and 1200k RUSA route. The cue sheets need to be put into shape so they could be submitted to RUSA to be approved as perms. I have no intention of submitting them. But until the cue sheets are done, they are just ideas.

One of the cue sheets has a segment in it from Little Egg Harbor Twp in southern NJ that heads up US-9 to Toms River that I’ve never ridden or driven. And since a 4-mile section of that ride is on the Barnegat Bike Path I felt I needed to explore “the roads” over there. So I created a route for my GPS device and drove over to Toms River to do the ride I’m posting about here.

The day was really nice for a bike ride. Sun was out with some clouds. The temp was in the 70s. Felt kind of cool compared to the heat we’ve been having. There was a pretty good wind pushing from Toms River to Tuckerton. And yes, there was a headwind hitting me on the return trip to Toms River. I was riding my old Schwinn mountain bike since I did not know what condition the Barnegat Bike Trail would be in. It turned out to be a fine-stone fairly smooth trail except for a 1-mile stretch that was sandy and overgrown with grass.

I was pleasantly surprised how nice US-9 was. It’s supposed to be a busy road. But the shoulders are pretty impressive on both sides of the road. I had expected it to be a nicer road the further I got Toms River. And that was the case. I might make this ride a 100k perm some day. No rush, though. It’s a 45 mile drive for me to Toms River.

Click on the map below to see the recording of my ride.

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