Six 100k Rides in a Row Max

Six 100k Rides in a Row Max

Late last year one of the bike riding goals I set for myself this year (2019) was to ride 10,000k before the end of July. Over the past couple of years some of my riding buddies have scoffed at the idea of racking up 10,000k by riding nothing but 100k rides smattered with a few longer rides in between. I’m not a big fan of riding long just for long’s sake. But I definitely did not want to be known as some guy who rode many many short rides to get to the big number of 10,000k.

Well, I did not reach my goal in a timely manner. It took me an extra 20 days. But I did get there. And I avoided riding lots and lots of 100k rides with only a few longer rides mixed in. In fact, I only had two stretches of six 100k rides in a row before being cutoff by a longer or a few longer rides. So I’m pretty pleased as to how my riding this year went.

I say “went” because I’m in taper mode right now. And by the end of October I probably won’t be riding much at all for a while. I’m just tired of riding to be honest. In a couple of weeks I have a long ride to do in TX. And on October 12th I have a 100-miler to do in Chester County, PA and Delaware. But after that I’m free. Phew!

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