1200k Bike Ride in 84 Hours in Texas

1200k Bike Ride in 84 Hours in Texas

This ride departed from the Best Western Motel in Greenville, TX at 7AM on September 28th. I was one of 41 participants who started. And one of 28 riders who successfully completed the ride. All four days of the ride got hot – i.e., 95 degrees and very sunny. There was no rain. I was riding my Cinelli with skinny tires. The first day’s ride was 238 miles. The second day’s ride was 206 miles. The third day’s ride was 180 miles. And the fourth day’s ride was 116 miles. You can see the route map at https://ridewithgps.com/events/69290-hound-dog-1200k.

Day 1 I rode with a large group to the turnaround controle. The riders were not required to get nourishment at the same location. This caused the group to  splinter. I was one of the first riders to depart, and did so with four other riders. We stuck together for the rest of the day and arrived back at the motel in Greenville around 1 in the morning. We did not depart together in the morning for Day Two. I was the first rider to depart I think – around 5AM.

I didn’t team up with any other riders for the first third of the ride during Day 2. A few riders passed me, and I let them go. While approaching the turnaround two of the riders I finished Day 2 caught me. I rode with them for about a third of the ride on Day 2. I eventually let them go ahead. I finished my ride for that day about 2:30AM on Day 3.

On Day three I was the first rider to depart again. I departed around 5:45 AM. Teamed up with three other riders shortly thereafter and rode with them almost to the turnaround. I was not enjoying the heat during the middle of the day. So opted to take a 2.5 hour break from 1:30 to 4PM. Then I departed to finish up the day’s riding. Got in around 12:15 in the middle of the night.

I easily could have departed at 4AM and done a sub-80-hour overall ride. But I was indifferent. I figured I would sleep in, have a nice breakfast, and ride with the large group that was going to depart at 7:30. The ride on the 4th day was uneventful. I had fun.

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3 Responses to 1200k Bike Ride in 84 Hours in Texas

  1. Alex V says:

    oh yeah. Great ride Jeff! I of course regret I could not come, my family situation is real hard. But to be honest, 95F four days in a row might have been more than I could endure. I got an email from NJ randos with a line that an RM1200 is in works for the season of 2020, but the block access to their site from Russia, so I dunno what is being brewed.

  2. Hi Alex, The heat was a hassle, but my biggest problem was with the chip and seal type road surface. Lots of bike bouncing. Definitely did a number on my hands/palms.

    The NJ Rando club is planning to do a ride from northern NJ to just above the Canadian border and back on August 2. Not very organized. There’s nothing to learn about it at present. Nothing but TBD, TBD, and TBD. Here’s the course: see https://ridewithgps.com/events/104251-nj-canada-nj-1200k. At least that is my understanding of what the course will be. RUSA has not approved the course yet.

    Currently I’m not planning to do much RUSA riding next year. Probably do three rides – maybe a 4th in November. The rides are the PA Fleche in mid-April, the Taste of Carolina Spring 1200 at the end of April, the LOL 1000 in mid-July in NY and Canada, and maybe the Cracker Swamp 1200 in early November in Florida. The NJ 1200 is not in the cards for me. -Jeff

  3. Alex V says:

    thanks for reply Jeff. Spring seems too far away to me right now …..
    As for “NY-Montrela-NY”, the route seems fine to me. However, there are a few very strange decisions (Sunday start, the hottest week of the year (in average), the route neither starts in NYC nor reaches Montreal, so why call it NY-Mntrl-NY?). I guess the price tag will be substantial too. But all that could be sorta expected. At least NJR have a respectable 600km this season (I managed to open their site with VPN).

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