Strength, Stamina, and Mobility

Strength, Stamina, and Mobility

How many of us work on strength, stamina, and mobility? My hunch is that most of us don’t worry about any of these things. And the people who do practice regular workouts only focus on one, or maybe two. I know I’ve been guilty of focusing mostly on stamina for the past couple of years. I’ve tossed some mobility workouts in here and there. But strength has definitely not been a priority.

Unfortunately for most of us we need to make sure we vary our workouts substantially so we work on strength, and stamina, and mobility. Strength training involves lifting weights and high intensity interval training. Stamina involves prolonged activities that help you develop the mitochondria in your muscles. And mobility involves flexibility exercises and exercises that help maintain one’s balance.

I suppose most people don’t work on all three elements of their physical health because they can take them pretty much for granted when they are active children. The problems arise after entering the workforce and we grow older. An older person has to work at maintaining fitness. Strength dissipates when an older person stops lifting weights and interval training. Stamina dissipates when people stop running or riding a bike. And mobility is lost when we sit in an office chair all day or drive a car or truck all day.

To be healthy you really must make sure you maintain all three elements of fitness: strength, stamina, and mobility. Make this a priority, and you will be a much happy camper than if you don’t. You might live longer, too!

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