Got the Email from RUSA About New Perm Program

Got the Email from RUSA About New Perm Program

This evening at 7:30 PM I got an email from the new Perm Committee at which outlined how the recently defunct perm program will be resurrected. The new program will be run totally by RUSA on its Web site. No longer will RUSA members be owners of perm routes and be required to administer those rides as agents for RUSA. All perm routes donated to RUSA will be copied into a RWGPS club account with being the club. RUSA members who want to ride for RUSA credit the routes housed in the club account must pay an annual fee to RUSA to be allowed to do so. There will be no per-ride fee. But the annual fee has not been disclosed.

Riders who choose to ride the new perm routes will not be provided a cue sheet. The only information RUSA will provide riders who sign up for a ride is the link to the RWGPS map of the route so the GPS file can be downloaded to a Garmin device. I suspect they can download a brevet card, too. The RWGPS file will have controles embedded as cue entries so a brevet card can be created using the RWGPS file to gather particulars. No open/close times for controles will be enforceable except for the first and last controles. All perms ridden are to be considered Free Routes.

Proof of Passage for such rides can be performed by getting a brevet card signed or by using Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP).

Routes that made up the recently defunct perm program do NOT automatically get moved into this new program. RUSA members must resubmit the old routes as new routes, and by doing so they lose ownership of those routes. The ID number RUSA gave those old routes will be carried over into the new program. Only old routes can be submitted as new routes at this time. And only routes of 200k or less are being accepted for submission at this time.

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