October Has Arrived

October Has Arrived

This time of year I am usually winding down from being active as a cyclist for most of the previous months in the year. Not this year, though. I did very little bike riding. But whether I work out during the year, or not, I typically start thinking about my plans for the coming year right about now.

Do I want to be active with RUSA in the coming year? Probably not. Do I want to ride my bike regularly again in the coming year? I think so. But how much will I ride? Probably 2 or 3 times per week. This should give me ample time to get back into swimming and running.

So what is the game plan? Rides in January and February will probably be on an indoor trainer. No need to go outside in the cold. The swimming will most definitely be done indoors at my fitness club, as will the runs on a treadmill. I expect the swims will be somewhere around a mile each. And the treadmill activities will last 25 minutes each: 10 minute warmup, 10 minutes HIT, and 5 minutes warmdown. Probably should do 2 3-mile runs outside a week at this time, too. I can do the swims and the treadmill runs together when I go to the club.

In March start doing rides with Princeton Freewheelers (PFW). I only did one such ride this year. Hopefully I will take part in many B+ rides in 2021. Rarely do those rides go over 55 miles. And typically they last between 45 and 50 miles.

In March and beyond I don’t have any plans to bump my running activities up past 3 miles. Hopefully my speed will increase during the year.

Come July I will probably do a few 300k or 350k bike rides. See how my endurance is doing. If I feel OK doing that, then I might design a 1000k bike route in some state other than NJ. It would be a bikepacking trip of sorts that I’d like to do in early September.

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