5 Top Health Tips of All Time

5 Top Health Tips of All Time

  • Once a car wears out it will never run well again unless it is rebuilt. But if you have the car rebuilt, then it can run well again. Once a person loses fitness (and their health) and becomes overweight and probably pre-diabetic (or diabetic), then they cannot become fit again without FIRST restoring (rebuilding) their health. Being overweight is a symptom of poor health; it is NOT poor health in and of itself. Good health exists when a person’s bodily functions and systems work the way they should – the way they did when the person was young (assuming no birth defects).
  • Eat the wrong foods in excessive quantities and you will break your bodily functions and systems, thus destroying your health. Weight gain will be inevitable. Plaque in the arteries will be inevitable. And eventually fatty liver, diabetes, heart attack, and/or stroke. Avoid the WRONG foods, and practice intermittent fasting, and you just might be able to restore or rebuild your health. Then losing weight will be pretty simple.

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