Saturday Morning Group Bike Ride: 126.4 miles

Saturday Morning Group Bike Ride: 126.4 miles

I met Chris Nadovich at the Flint Hill Farm in Coopersburg again. He was all set to do the pre-ride for the 200k event coming in 2 weeks. I’ll be doing the 400k pre-ride next Saturday. So I was just tagging along today to get some extra miles on my legs. The weather was really nice. The wind was minimal for most of the ride. The sun was out. Some of this route was new to me. Some not. I had started the ride on a 16 hour fast and I continued it until around mile 76. Chris wanted to stop at an ice cream shop. And I could not resist ordering a large peanut butter ice cream milk shake. What a load of sugar! I know. I know. It’s poison. When we got to Milford at something like 100 miles I got myself a quart of whole milk. That slid down my throat nice and easy, too. I was riding my Felt CX bike.

CLICK HERE to see the route in more detail at RWGPS.

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