Thursday Afternoon Solo Bike Ride: 63 miles

Thursday Afternoon Solo Bike Ride: 63 miles

Today was probably the nicest day to go for a ride this week. Tuesday was pretty nice. But today was the magnificent gem of days to go for a ride. I got out on the road a little after 11:30 AM I think. Was riding the Cinelli. And it worked well. This was a RUSA perm that I had modified – it’s called Around the Sourlands. Of course, my version did NOT go around the Sourlands. This was my fastest ride this year since I finished the metric century route in about 4.5 hours.

I passed quite a few cyclists out enjoying the nice day. I suspect I passed in excess of 30 cyclists. None of them were on my side of the ride. They were all going in the opposite direction. The next three days are not supposed to be conducive to riding a bike outdoors. And on Monday coming I am supposed to do a solo 250 mile ride in Pennsylvania. Seems a little like that’s going to be a tough nut to chomp on since I only started riding this year the second week in March. But I have a feeling all will go well.

CLICK HERE to see this route in more detail at RWGPS.

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