Thursday All-Day Group Ride: 189.5 miles

Thursday All-Day Group Ride: 189.5 miles

I had agreed over the weekend to meet Mary Foley for her pre-ride of the 300k event to be held this Saturday out of Hightstown, NJ. That pre-ride started this morning at 4:30 AM from the Days Inn along NJ-33. Along for the ride came Tru Tran. And it was wonderful having him along, although he bailed on us at the Wawa controle around mile 120 or so.

I did not get a good night’s sleep before this ride because I was suffering from some kind of pain in my left shoulder/neck the whole night. Even a hot water bottle would not curb the pain. But I made it to the starting line and Tru, Mary, and myself were off to enjoy a beautiful day for a 300k bike ride.

Nigel Greene supposedly did a pre-ride of his own that he commenced at 6 AM, some 1.5 hours after we had started. We passed him on the way back to controle 3 (Days Inn), and he ultimately caught us at around mile 120 – the Wawa where Tru decided to make the ride his own. Nigel was in a hurry to finish the ride, so he did not stay and socialize with Mary and me for long.

I was riding my Felt CX bike. I had been fasting since 4 PM on Wednesday. And stayed fasted though much of the ride. It was at mile 154 that I stopped at an ACME grocery store to get a quart of whole milk and two Payday candy bars. I wasn’t really hungry. But I needed a pick-me-up to get me through to the end of the ride. 300k is quite a long slug.

CLICK HERE to see the route in more detail at RWGPS.

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