Reversing Mitochondria Dysfunction with Exercise Training

Reversing Mitochondria Dysfunction with Exercise Training

During my bike ride this past Thursday which I started after fasting for 12 hours and rode fasted through mile 150 I was surprised to learn from the other three riders I knew on the ride that they thought I was nuts “working out” without any food for more than 24 hours. Of course, all three of those individuals looked me over during the ride and could easily see I was not suffering or hurting in any way. I assured them that I was in an “unfed state” where my body was burning stored body fat as an energy source. And as a result, I was NOT starving myself. I not only lost weight doing what I did, but also worked at reversing my mitochondria dysfunction I suffer from currently.

I suppose HIIT workouts can help reverse mitochondria dysfunction as is suggested in the video herein below. But I don’t practice that much because consumption of sugar and highly processed carbs would be required. Since I have insulin resistance still, I try to avoid sugar intake. And my exercise workouts of choice are the long slow bike ride. And if you follow this blog, then you know those bike rides are LONG.

The mitochondria are the power plants in our muscle cells. They process carbs for high intensity efforts. And they process fat for low and moderate intensity efforts. By far a well functioning mitochondria will process a lot more fat in any given day than carbs. So it is best to focus on improving the fat processing function rather than the carb processing function.

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