Sunday All-Day Solo Bike Ride: 249 miles

Sunday All-Day Solo Bike Ride: 249 miles

It was just two days ago that I rode this route, but in reverse. Originally I had planned to do today’s ride yesterday. But I needed at least a day of recovery before trying to do the loop again. Turns out after finishing today’s ride that I probably should have taken more than a day to recover. The first half of today’s ride went fine except for the headwind I had to battle with. There was a steady wind coming from the south during the day light hours. I departed at 5:30 AM or so. Thus I had a headwind for most of the first half of the ride.

I was riding my Felt CX bike again. Brought along a camping folding chair. I did not end up using the chair. This was so even though I did not finish the ride until 1:24 AM on Monday. When I was riding on Hopewell Rd after dark around mile 192 I did not have a pleasant experience. Seemed like there was a fair amount of traffic on the road and most of the cars were kind of in a hurry. No shoulder for me to ride on. And the right side of the road where I was expected to ride was not particularly smooth pavement. I found myself riding down the middle of my lane until the cars would come up behind me. Then I would use the light from their headlights to see where the rough spots in the road were so I could move to the far right of the road. It worked fine, and I seemed to stay safe. But it was not smooth sailing.

I was riding my Felt CX bike again. As I say herein above, the first half of the ride was pretty pleasant. But the second half was not so much fun. I had not fully recovered from my long ride on Friday, and my thighs were showing signs of fatigue. They are going to be sore tomorrow. And since much of the return trip on this ride was done after dark, I lost the benefit of a tailwind. So this ride was all headwind going out, and only partially tailwind coming back. Oh well, such is life!

I’m thinking I will put my 400k rides on hold for a bit now. Next ride will probably be on Wednesday. And it will be 150k. And then on Friday I’ll probably do the Jenny Jump Forest 200k. Then 4 or 5 days after that I’ll do another 400k (probably Diamond Grind). That should get me to 7000k. A couple of really long rides after that in early September and I’ll be close to 10,000k for the year. It’ll be time to start focusing on running and weight lifting.

CLICK HERE to see the route in more detail at RWGPS.

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