Sunday Solo Bike Ride: 125 miles

Sunday Solo Bike Ride: 125 miles

I had planned this year to do the Jenny Jump Forest 200k perm I created a few years ago. I didn’t know exactly when I was going to do it, but today seemed like a good day. The weather was supposed to be clear, and not overly hot. It did heat up at some point because I was complaining about the heat on one of the tough climbs included in this ride. I was riding my Cinelli road bike, and I finished during daylight hours. I did not have a headlight installed on the bike.

This 200k perm is probably the toughest route that New Jersey has to offer with regard to RUSA rides. And I am not known for my hillclimbing ability these days. I’m getting my overall health back by watching what I eat and when I eat it. And by increasing my exercise durations and being regular about my exercise. All in all, I think this ride went pretty well.

CLICK HERE to see the ride in more detail at RWGPS.

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