Seven Rivers 1000k

Seven Rivers 1000k

Over the weekend I took a stab at creating another 1000k bike route. This one started in Nashville TN, and headed north into KY. Ultimately it hit Indiana, and then migrated west into Illinois. By the end of the day on Saturday I pretty much had finished the route. And I actually liked it. It’s not all that normal for me to design such a long route in just a day and like it, too. I haven’t ridden a brevet distance ride in any of those 4 states: IN, IL, KY or TN.

The final route design had the ride start and finish in Evansville IN. If I ride over to IN to do the ride, then I’d probably park in longterm parking at the airport in Evansville. I gave the route the name I did since it passes over seven rivers, some of which are quite big.

I’m currently thinking about designing two more 1000k routes. One would pass through AR, LA and MS; and the other would pass through NE, KS, IA and MO.

CLICK HERE to see this route in more detail at RWGPS.

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