Best Little Secret 1000k

Best Little Secret 1000k

Last week I spent the equivalent of a couple of days creating Best Little Secret 1000k. It starts and ends near the airport in Kansas City MO. And it heads north up toward Des Moines IA, then west to Omaha NE, then south to Lawrence KS before heading east back to Kansas City. All it all, it’s a 621 mile ride that I think hits all paved roads. No historic covered bridges in this ride. But Iowa did have some I could have incorporated.

When I finished this route I thought I had included the best roads. But after a second look I discovered I could probably tweak it a little to make it more rider friendly. If I ever get around to riding it, then I will change up the final 100+ miles as indicated on the route map.

The route passes through four states: MO, IA, NE and KS. Completing this little puppy as a perm for RUSA credit will boost my American Explorer award count. Currently I only have 19 states I’ve ridden in according to RUSA. I’d like to get that count up over 30 at some point.

CLICK HERE to see this route in more detail at RWGPS.

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