Not Much Enthusiasm for Bike Riding These Days

Not Much Enthusiasm for Bike Riding These Days

I haven’t been riding a bike since early October of last year. People I know have been asking me this Spring if I’m out on the bike yet. I tell them: No. The reason is that I don’t like riding just once in a while in the same way I never liked skiing once in a while. It takes a few trips to the ski slopes to get back into the swing of it. And biking for me is the same. Hopefully I’ll find some time this summer and get into riding again. But I’ve got chores around the house to do. And the task of creating income streams online. So I suspect my morning swims and afternoon short walks will have to be my exercise routine for at least the rest of this year.

I’ve been looking at the results pages on the RUSA Web site and it appears to me that rider participation is way down. Not just in NJ and PA, but all across the country. I occasionally look at how many RUSA riders are doing perms, too. And that number seems to be way down as well. And I’ve run across a few videos on YouTube which say that bicycle sales are way down, too. All in all, it seems that cycling as an activity seems to be taking a big hit. Like everything else I’m sure it will make a turnaround. But currently it’s not doing too well.

I ran into one of my buddies at Princeton Freewheelers the other day. He informed me that the club was having trouble getting and keeping ride leaders. That is not a good sign for a local bike club. I’ve lead quite a few rides for the club. And I’ve designed quite a few bike routes for the ride leaders to use when leading rides. Hopefully the club will be able to weather the storm and stay afloat until enthusiasm for riding a bike returns to the public.

Designing bike routes takes time and patience. Not everyone has the skill to design good routes. I learned that early on when I joined RUSA back in 2017. As a result, I don’t like doing most of the routes the organization offers any longer. And since the long rides typically end up being a solo effort to complete, I don’t have much need for them any longer either. You’ve seen some of my long route creations posted on this blog. The 1000k variety are my favorite. When I start riding again I’ll being doing the routes recently posted on this blog. Cheers!

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