Big Doozie 1000k

Big Doozie 1000k

This is the last of the four 1000k bike routes I wanted to create and decided to do them up a month or two ago. This particular route starts and ends in Jackson, Mississippi and crosses the Mississippi River twice. It passes through MS, AR and LA. At present none of these states have a presence at RUSA. There’s no RBA in MS, AR or LA.

I did not have an easy time putting this route together. So many roads in these states were not paved. And there was no an oversupply of rest stops open 24/7 to choose from. I am very happy with my work product and expect this route will be a lot of fun to ride. It’s designed to be ridden as a bikepacking adventure. It’s not all that hilly; of the four routes recently designed it has the least amount of elevation gain by a long shot.

CLICK HERE to examine the route in more detail at RWGPS.

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