Midwest Adventure 1000k

Midwest Adventure 1000k

It rained this past Saturday and I found myself stuck indoors with my computer turned on and my Internet connection working. As a result I found myself unable to do chores outside that I should have been doing. It seemed like a good time to design another long bike route. This one was going to hit the area above and to the west of Indianapolis, IN. I called it Midwest Adventure after I finished designing it by late afternoon on Sunday.

The route passes through farmland in rural Indiana and rural Illinois. It’s pretty flat terrain, but will probably be refreshing to ride through for someone not native to the area. There are plenty of rest stops open 24/7 along the way. Should make for a very enjoyable bikepacking adventure. Passes by three historic covered bridges. Each is pretty long, too. All the roads are paved, and I’m not aware of any busy roads on this ride.

CLICK HERE to see the route in more detail at RWGPS.

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