Monday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Monday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

I was feeling quite a bit better this morning compared to yesterday. And since I had plans to get a 100k ride in this morning so I could hit 9000k of RUSA miles today (before the end of the month), I got up pretty early and headed out. I waited until after sunrise since I was going to ride my Dahon folding bike again. It does not have a headlight installed on it at this time. And I was too lazy to download a different perm route file. So I ended up riding the same route as I did yesterday.

It was just as uneventful as yesterday’s ride. The temp, air quality, and amount of sun was about the same. But since I was feeling better today I didn’t take any rest stops to cool off in the shade as the ride heated up. Just rode through from start to finish and called it a day. The Dahon was really fun to ride. I’d forgotten how fun it can be to ride. Haven’t ridden it at all this year except yesterday.

Click on the map below to see the recording of today’s ride that I have uploaded to RWGPS.

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Sunday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Sunday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Yesterday I spent a good amount of the daylight hours outside riding my bike in the sun. By the end of the ride, after roughly 11 hours in the saddle, I was pretty tired and sore. The temp had gotten into the 90s, and I don’t do too well riding in the heat. When I got home I felt more tired and more sore than I did when I finished the ride. Bummer. Anyway, I got cleaned up and fed and got into bed to get a good night’s sleep. When I got up this morning I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do another ride. But I looked at the weather forecast and noticed if I left early I could probably get a 100k ride in before the heat got bad.

So I downloaded my Easy Peasy perm route, loaded it into my Garmin, and headed out on my Dahon folding bike. I haven’t ridden it for a while. But I was in the mood to ride a different bike than the one I rode yesterday. Didn’t need a light on it since I was departing after sunrise, but not by much.

The ride was uneventful for the most part. Early on I had a front flat tire. Took a few minutes to switch out the tube. I think I started the clock running around 6 AM, and by 9:30 it was starting to feel warm. Not a particularly fast ride as a result of the flat and heat, but not too slow either.

Click on the map below to see my recording of the ride that I have uploaded to RWGPS.

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Saturday Group RUSA Ride

Saturday Group RUSA Ride

I met Mary F at the skating rink parking lot in Mercer County Park at 5 AM this morning to do my Chicken Gristle RUSA route. The air temp was actually a little nippy at that time. But the weather forecast had said the temp was going to hit 90 today. It did! All the way to the beach in Belmar the ride pretty much flew for me. I wasn’t paying much attention to the roads. Just riding along chatting with Mary.

The road along the beach in Belmar was pretty crowded when we got there. I took in the sights. And when we hit the next controle inland we stopped to get refreshment. I downed a quart of whole milk in just a few gulps. Tasted and felt great. After that the ride slowed for me a little. And by the time we got to the US Post Office in Monmouth Junction (one of the controles in the ride) I was starting to feel the heat. Kept getting to me more and more until the end of the ride. We had a nice stop at the Rocky Hill free library. Nice restroom there along with a water fountain that pumped out cold water.

Click on the map below to see a recording of our ride.

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Wednesday Mid-Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Wednesday Mid-Morning Solo RUSA Ride

The heat and the rain finally let up this morning. So around 9 or so I got out on the bike and did a 100k ride on the CX bike. Unfortunately for me the headset on the bike was acting up. So my ride was not all that enjoyable. I could ride no-hands sometimes. Other times the bike wanted to go left or right and out of control. When I was out of the saddle it creaked. And it also felt spongy. My educated guess is that the bearings in the headset are shot. I’m going to have to replace the headset. Bummer.

I felt OK on the ride. But it’s been a while since I’ve gone for a ride. So I was a little rusty. And the temp did get kinda hot. Not blistering hot like we’ve been having. But hot just the same. When I got close to Carrier Clinic I passed my swim buddy Ron out for an afternoon bike ride. I turned around and we chatted for a few minutes before I got back to finishing my RUSA ride. When I got to US-206 I was met by some cops who were closing Montgomery Rd. So I had to do a little detour on this ride. That was OK by me since I had added a few miles when talking to Ron.

Click on the map below to see the recording I made of today’s ride.

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Workout Volume vs Workout Intensity

Workout Volume vs Workout Intensity

The smart way to train is to avoid doing too much volume and focus more on intensity. This is especially true the older we get.

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Tuesday Mid-Day Hot Solo RUSA Ride

Tuesday Mid-Day Hot Solo RUSA Ride

I took two days off from riding before heading out for a metric century this morning. Apparently I was not fully recovered because my legs were heavy. But the worst of it was the heat. I waited too long to go for a ride and the high temps today were in the mid-90s. I even stopped for about 5 to 10 minutes along the Delaware River as I approached Trenton at mile 48.9. I spotted some shade and wanted to relax some.

My CX bike was crinking, too. Quite annoying. I’ll have to clean it up tomorrow. But I did enjoy riding on the tow paths again. They are slower, but I like riding on them.

Click on the map below to see the recording of my ride.

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Saturday All-Day Group RUSA Ride

Saturday All-Day Group RUSA Ride

Not too long ago I did a 100-mile ride along the Delaware with Mary F. At that time we agreed to do a 300k ride together on July 13th (today). The two of us parked our cars at Cavallo Park in Lambertville by the canal tow path around 4:45 AM and got over to the Wawa in New Hope for the start of the ride at 5:20 AM. As a result there was not much riding in the dark before the ride. There ended up being some at the end of the ride.

The weather was pretty good for a long ride. There was sun out most of the day, and the high temp around 2 PM was 89 degrees. Neither Mary nor I wanted to push the pace or rush through the rest stops. I was more interested in staying hydrated and not getting too tired. I had crashed on my bike on Tuesday and ridden a 300k hilly route on Thursday. I wasn’t actually in top form for this ride. I was hoping to have fun and get another 300k of miles toward the K-Hound award.

I was riding my CX bike which has a 24-38 on the front and a 12-30 on the back. So my smallest gear for climbing was a 24×30. It worked out beautifully including at the top of one climb that had an extended 20% grade according to Mary. She walked that part.

Mary proved to be a real trooper today. She only walked parts of a few climbs. She had a little spill at mile 84 when she did not notice the railroad tracks crossing the road at a nasty angle. As a result she fell on her rear derailleur which got pressed into the spokes of her rear wheel. Most of the bending that occurred was of the derailleur hanger. I was able to bend it back out to pretty close to normal. Unfortunately the derailleur is one of those electrical Di2 models and when Mary tried to shift her rear derailleur it wasn’t moving. She was stuck in a 13T or 14T initially. She was concerned it would be a problem on the hills on the return trip. 5 miles later we pulled over under a shade tree and got out her wrench kit so I could see how far the derailleur could be adjusted to an easier gear. To our great surprise the derailleur would hold on a 17T cog (maybe 5th gear out of 11?). She felt much better. Then about 10 miles later something really nice happened. Her derailleur started to shift again. So thereafter she had access to her first gear.

Don’t know when Mary got home. But I rolled into the driveway a little after midnight. Quite tired. And really looking forward to a nice hot shower and getting into bed. Definitely was a long day.

Click on the map below to see the recording I did of today’s ride and have uploaded to RWGPS.

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