RUSA Ride #22: 100k

RUSA Ride #22: 100k

I had things to do over the weekend, and thus did not get a ride in. It wasn’t until late morning that I found time to get out on the bike and do a metric century. I haven’t been outside on the bike for a week now. So I expected my legs to be rested today, but a little sluggish due to lack of recent bike activity. Click on the map below to see the ride results at Garmin Connect.

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Ride Start Locations I’m Proposing

Ride Start Locations I’m Proposing

This past Fall and into the winter I’ve been designing various perm routes. Currently I have gotten 11 of them approved by RUSA, and I have one in the bin awaiting approval. There is a 400k and a 300k waiting to be submitted. And there are another 15 100k routes I’ve designed that depart from Princeton that will eventually be submitted. However, I started designing routes so I could beef up the route offerings for Pennsylvania Randonneurs. And the time has come to actually start creating some routes over in Pennsylvania.

The main reason I haven’t already created a number of Pennsylvania routes is I hadn’t done the research necessary to determine the ideal ride start locations. A few weeks ago I did the research. And I came up with four general start locations: Ronks, Scranton, Allentown, and Reading. Ronks is basically a suburb of Lancaster. And Scranton is really two locations: Scranton & Wilkes-Barre. Click on the following links to see the motels I identified at these four locations.

I still want to do a little more research to see what campgrounds are situated close to these towns.

I might use one or more of the following for the start controle for Ronks routes?

  • Speedway Mart. 5 Hartman Bridge Road, Lancaster PA 17602. (717) 295-0638. Open 24/7.
  • Wawa. 2126-2132 E Lincoln Highway, Lancaster PA 17602. (717) 481-5240. Open 24/7.
  • Rutter’s 450 Historic Drive, Ronks PA 17572. (717) 288-3971. Open 24/7.
  • Turkey Hill MM. 2000 Lincoln Highway, Lancaster PA 17602. (717) 295-5522. Open 24/7.
  • Turkey Hill MM. 2787 E Lincoln Highway, Ronks PA 17572. (717) 687-3965. Open 24/7.
  • Walmart Supercenter. 2034 E Lincoln Highway, Lancaster PA 17602. (717) 390-1738. Open 24/7.
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RUSA Ride #21: 200k

RUSA Ride #21: 200k

2623k total. My legs were really heavy yesterday after doing the speedy ride on Saturday which I did somewhat soon after doing a 200k ride on Thursday. Thus I didn’t even think about going for a ride yesterday. When I got up this morning and went over to the pool for a swim I had only thought about doing a 100k ride today. But as I sat in the hot tub talking with the lifeguard I figured today would actually be a pretty good day to do another 200k ride. And I hadn’t ridden my Hillsborough perm yet. So I decided to do the Hillsborough route.

It turned out to be a really nice day for a ride (solo as usual). The wind wasn’t too strong, and I got the benefit of a tailwind quite often. I had to deal with a headwind or two, but they were not too bad. It was a little chilly at the outset, but that wasn’t too bad either. I was back riding my Felt CX bike. So the speed of the ride was pretty good. Didn’t have to use lights or reflective gear today. I departed around 9 AM and was done around 6:30. I still don’t like riding 200k routes. It’s not that they are difficult. It’s just that they don’t fit well into a training plan. They are too long to make adaptations to your musculature. This is especially true for older riders. And they are too short to help much with real endurance. So what value do they have? Not much. Little value translates into a waste of time for me. So I probably never will be a fan of 200k rides. Click on the map below to see the results of my ride at Garmin Connect.

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RUSA Riders with 2018 High Mileage

RUSA Riders with 2018 High Mileage

10020 AZ Phoenix Johnson, Alan
5285 CA Carmichael Berka, Becky
373 CA Fallbrook Nakai, Dave
2060 CA Pasadena Huber, Kerin
1132 CA Sacramento Johnson, Ken
6949 CA Sacramento Carlson, Drew
3932 CA San Marcos DeBoer, Kelly
253 CO Lafayette Ellis, John Lee
8963 FL Apopka Kusters, Marion
9030 FL Avon Park Clayton, Andy
8312 FL Geneva Bennett, Ed
4226 FL New Smyrna Beach Thompson, Dave
9931 FL Tampa Gryder, Susan
6548 MD Frederick Phillips, Calista
11633 NJ Princeton Lippincott, Jeff
2565 TX Aledo Gotlieb, Gary
2692 TX Aledo Pacino, Dana
4574 TX Austin Newberry, Jeff
8132 TX Salado Kanaby, Gary
5004 WA Federal Way Muoneke, Vin
4914 WA Seattle Kimball, Hugh
9343 WA Seattle McAlister, Grant

The 22 riders listed above have accumulated over 2,000 kilometers of riding in 2018 as of today. RUSA compiled the list – I didn’t. However, I know Mary Foley should be on the list because she added 300k of riding in the last two days and that put her over 2000k for the year. And, yes, I’m in the group. I’m also by far the newest member to RUSA in the group, and probably my rides were done at a lower temperature than any of the other rides. The first column represents a rider’s RUSA membership number, not his or her mileage for the year to date.

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How to Train When You Are Short on Time

How to Train When You Are Short on Time

IMO this is a really good video. Probably the best video GCN has produced to date. -Jeff

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Saturday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 33 miles

Saturday Morning PFW B+ Ride: 33 miles

Kind of chilly out this morning, but no wind at the start of the ride. Peter F lead the ride, and there were 8 total participants: Peter, Rick, Bob, Eric, me, and 3 others I cannot name. the wind picked up soon into ride. And at mile 13 we came across a “creek” covering the road. I went ahead and rode through the water, but nobody else wanted to. An SUV followed me through the water. When I turned around to see the group they had turned around and left me. I went back through the water to chase them down, but wasn’t fast enough. They were out of sight within a few miles. And after 4 miles I decided to ride back to the car and call it a day. I didn’t much want to ride today, especially with the stiff wind that cropped up. But I was willing to ride in a group. Once the group was gone, I had no reason to continue.

Click on the map below to see the results of my ride at Garmin Connect.

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RUSA Ride #20: 200k

RUSA Ride #20: 200k

2423k for the year. Today I did the pre-ride for Pennsylvania Randonneurs’ upcoming 200k Brevet to be held on Saturday, March 24th. I was supposed to show up at the hostel and depart at 6 AM, but miscalculated my drive time and got to the hostel a little late. I departed 32 minutes late to be exact. Oh well! 🙂

PA-313 was pretty nice. However, I couldn’t really use the shoulder since there was too much crud (gravel and salt) in it. Pretty much just rode the white line that separates the road from the shoulder and all went well.

Turned onto Ridge Road from PA-313 and this had to be the worst road of the ride. There’s not much of a shoulder, and the right half of the road lane has been patched poorly and extensively. When riding in daylight this wouldn’t be much of an issue. But in the dark you really must ride in the middle of the road. There is some traffic on this road unfortunately. Just beware.

Ridge Road eventually turns into S Park Rd. The road gets a little nicer then. Last year at this point I was sucking wheels. But this year I was riding solo. As a result, I was able to take in the spectacular view of Lake Nockamixon Spillway on the left at about mile 9. I recommend you take a peak at it as you ride by.

The next messy road on the route was Headquarters. It’s not so bad in daylight. I was riding it a few weeks ago on one of my perms. In fact, it was the day after the 10-inch snow. But in the dark there are ruts and some minor potholes to be wary of. The road does not get proper maintenance at present because the bridge is out at Tinicum Creek (mile 12.7). Bikes get through, and it’s been this way for some time (including last year and prior).

When you pass the intersection of Cafferty Road with Headquarters Rd the paved roads are great for the rest of the ride. I say paved because Old Cemetary Road on the course is NOT paved. Some of the roads are super nice, i.e., River Road along the Delaware River from Erwinna up to Milford.

An interesting tidbit, somewhere around mile 27 into the ride on Sweet Hollow Road creek runoff was flowing across the road. As a result there was a 30-foot sheet of ice crossing the entire road. I had to get off my bike and walk around the ice. It was a little tricky to do so. This more than likely won’t be an issue on March 24th.

Tunnel Road was a joy to coast down even though I had a 20+ mph headwind slowing down my descent.

At mile 35.3 I almost went off course for a mile or two to climb Iron Bridge Road. That’s one of NJ’s toughest climbs. But I opted to stay on course since I started the ride 32 minutes late (6:32 instead of 6). For those of you who have tons of time to spare on your ride, I recommend you give ‘ol Iron Bridge a try.

At mile 46.2 I had the same tendency as last year wanting to bear right to stay on Rockport Road. Make sure you make the left onto Mt Bethel Road.

At mile 52.2 you are expected to make a left off of Cemetery Road onto Old Cemetery Road. This is an unpaved road which is hard soil. There are lots of small rocks jutting out of the hard soil for the first 2/3 of the road. Thus it’s not a smooth ride. The last third of the road is full of large deep potholes. Be careful going down the hill with these “craters” present.

Around mile 73 you will pass the Paulinskill Viaduct. Very impressive. One of the features of this ride that makes me like it so much.

At mile 76.4 I got an opportunity to cross the Delaware River back into PA at Portland. It’s labeled that cyclists are supposed to walk their bikes across. Last year I was walking it when I got caught and passed by some of the fast rando riders. This year I rode my bike across the whole way. No guards to stop me.

At mile 104 when I turned onto Still Valley Road I came across a large orange sign warning me that on or about March 19 the bridge ahead would be under construction and that I should plan an alternative route. Later down the road the signs got more explicit. On March 19 construction work would start and last about 3 days. My math says March 22 will arrive and the bridge work will be done, which is 2 days before March 24. But who knows? By the way, the bridge at issue is at mile 104.9 on the route.

At mile 116.2 when you turn onto Hunter Road expect gravel in the turn. Be careful. Hunter Road had more gravel on it than I had seen all day. And this goes for the next road on the route: School Road. Not sure why these roads are so gravely, but it was not tough to ride these roads. I’d say if I was on a road bike in the middle of the summer I would avoid these two roads.

That about sums up my ride report. Click on the map below to see results of my ride at Garmin Connect.

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