About the JlippinBike Blog

The JlippinBike Blog is a site dedicated to bike riding in Princeton, NJ (Mercer County) and the numerous surrounding counties. Under the blog category BIKE ROUTE MAPS I have posted numerous groupings of bike routes I have devised for eight different meeting locations: Princeton, Washington Crossing, Bulls Island, Cranbury, Ringoes, Crosswicks, Hightstown (Etra Park), and Hillsborough. Each posting categorized as “bike route maps” has 20 bike routes included. For each route there is an image file stored at Flickr, and a link to either MapMyRide or RideWithGPS.

The bike rides from Bulls Island, Ringoes, and Hillsborough constitute the western rides that Princeton residents might be inclined to partake in. For the most part these rides are hilly to very hilly, especially the ones from Bulls Island, and to some extent the ones from Ringoes.

The bike rides from Cranbury, Hightstown, and Crosswicks constitute the eastern rides that Princeton residents might be inclined to partake in. For the most part these rides are almost totally flat, except for the ones that go west past Princeton.

Then there are the bike rides from Princeton and Washington Crossing. These rides generally speaking are not particularly flat, but they are not super hilly either. They really should be the most popular rides available since both flatlanders and hillclimbers can probably be satisfied riding them.

Other topics covered include:

Blog Ramblings – These posts are supposed to relate to bike riding in some way, but they don’t fit into any other category in the blog.

Fitness Tips – These posts cover fitness tips that might interest a cyclist enthusiast.

Folding Bikes – I love folding bikes and I needed a place to post things concerning folding bikes.

Interesting Places – Covered bridges and food stop locations come to mind, but towns, parks, stretches of road, rivers, streams will probably be the topic of posts here in the future.

Other Rides – The original purpose of this blog was to have a place to post cue sheets and ride maps for bike rides I’ve done, or that I have merely sketched out on a map program. I quickly found out that it requires a bit of work to type up cue sheets, and I don’t particularly enjoy doing the task. But I like sketching bike rides on map programs. “Other Rides” is where I post the sketches of bike routes I devise. Some of them are eventually made into cue sheets.

Ride Recaps – I enjoy reading about bike rides and looking at pictures taken during bike rides. Some of my bike rides I will write about, post pictures for, and create maps of, under this category in the blog.

Riding Tips – I have a lot of years of experience riding a bike. Once upon a time in another life I was actually a highly trained and skilled competitive cyclist. So I know a thing or two about biking. When I go on group rides I could critique those around me. But it is much easier (and more polite) to just write my thoughts as a blog post and include it under this category.

Video Clips – Sometimes I find myself surfing the Net and I stumble across a video clip I like that relates to cycling. I will post links to such finds here under this category.


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