Saturday 200k Ride from Downingtown

Saturday 200k Ride from Downingtown

Mary Foley and I drove over to Downingtown, PA to ride one of my RUSA perms today. We arrived in Downingtown before sun up, and departed on the ride at 6:50 AM. Both of us seemed excited about doing the ride. A successful completion by me would mean I could add a fourth state this year to my American Explorer RUSA award. Mary had several reasons for wanting to tackle the route.

The weather was very pleasant. It was around 60 degrees and clear when we departed. But the roads were a little damp. It had rained some over night and even while we were putting our bikes together before the start. The high temp for the day was in the mid 70s, and it was in the upper 50s when we reached the final controle.

The drive back to Princeton was easy. Today’s ride very well might be my last RUSA ride of the year. I’m in diet mode and don’t really have any desire to do any rides longer than 40 or 50 miles. I currently plan to start up doing some perms of mine in January. Next year I don’t know how active I will be doing calendared RUSA rides. I do know I want to do at least two 300k rides and two 1000k rides, but beyond that I’m uncommitted.

Click on the map below to see an uploaded route recording of today’s ride.

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Emma’s Apple Pie Smoothie

Emma’s Apple Pie Smoothie

Short video by Emma Pooley regarding a post-ride “drink” that sounded pretty good. If I were going to make it, then I would use whole milk and full-fat yogurt instead of the skim-stuff she recommends.

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Mid-Day Wednesday Bike Ride: 52 Miles

Mid-Day Wednesday Bike Ride: 52 Miles

My last bike ride concluded on Sunday, September 2. It was a 4-day 766-miler that began in Michigan and finished in Wisconsin. Been healing and resting since then. I should have gone for a ride yesterday, but the weather wasn’t that great part of the day and I couldn’t find time when the weather cleared up.

I got a swim workout in this morning, and had hoped to go for a ride when I got home. However, it was quite foggy most of the early morning. I finally got out on the CX bike a little after 11, and got home a little before 3.

It was overcast most of the ride. I got sprinkled on a little from time to time. But when I got close to the intersection of Canal Road and CR-518 (Rocky Hill) it started to rain pretty hard. Hard enough that I got thoroughly wet before getting home. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

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Google Maps Has Changed Things Regarding GPS Mapping Sites

Google Maps Has Changed Things Regarding GPS Mapping Sites

Over the past week I have seen significant changes at the two online GPS mapping sites I use. One is RWGPS and the other is Plot-a-route. I’m a basic (free) member with both services. The first change to hit me was when RWGPS stopped letting me add POI icons to my maps. At the same time RWGPS forbid me from editing the cue sheet entries. But yesterday I tried to upload a TCX file with cue sheet entries I had edited in Plot-a-route, and found I was no longer going to be allowed to upload such files into RWGPS.

To make matters worse, Plot-a-route has quit using Google maps and now uses open-source maps. This changes the dynamic a bit. I’ll get used to it. But yesterday and today I am messaging 4 days worth of bike rides and I’m not that skilled with the sites at present. After reading a blog post at Plot-a-route I was informed that all these changes are a result of Google starting to charge for the use of their maps.

I wonder how this will all shake out?

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Tuesday Morning Ride: 68 miles

Tuesday Morning Ride: 68 miles

Didn’t get a ride in yesterday because I decided to go for a 5 AM swim first. My legs felt heavy during the kick portion of the swim. By the time I figured I felt up to going for a ride it had gotten too hot outside for me to go. Got up to 92 and very sunny yesterday. Very hot!

So last night I designed a ride I did this morning. Didn’t take too long to sketch it out. Loaded it into my eTrex GPS device and this morning at 5 AM I departed. Yes, I left at 5 so I could get the bulk of the ride done before it got hot. It was a little foggy at first. Then when daylight appeared there was cloud cover. The sun did not show itself until I reached Main St in Cranbury. Never got brutally hot. But I was done before 10 AM. A nice 68 mile ride in less than 5 hours. Maybe I am pretty much ready for my ride in MN and WI this coming Monday?

Click on the map below to see it at RWGPS.

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Sunday Morning Ride: 62 miles

Sunday Morning Ride: 62 miles

Yesterday was a rest day for me. I finally got around to figuring out how to attach my headlight to my Cinelli yesterday. The way I used to attach it was no longer feasible since I now have mini Tri bars clipped to my handlebars.

This morning I sketched out a new 100k route I plan to get approved as a RUSA Perm in September. I decided to go test ride it this morning when I noticed the PFW ride out of Hightstown was not going to be lead by the regular leader. Furthermore, the weather forecast for today was for pretty hot temps. So I didn’t really want to do a PFW group ride.

The new route was nice. There is a 3-mile stretch at mile 26.7 that is unpaved. Not a bad stretch – I was able to ride my Cinelli without any problems. But I think my Felt CX bike would be better suited for the ride. Click on the map below to see the route at RWGPS.

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Friday Morning Ride: 60 miles

Friday Morning Ride: 60 miles

I was up early this morning. Sketched out a ride, but did not get out the door to start the ride until 6:40 AM. It was kinda threatening to rain, but didn’t. Pretty nice loop. Didn’t have anybody catch me, but I passed several riders going the other way. By the end of the ride it was quite hot outside. Click on the map below to see the route I did.

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