Friday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Friday Morning Solo RUSA Ride

Instead of a swim this morning I planned to head out on my CX bike for another RUSA metric century. Temp was around 65 degrees and no rain. However, there was a pretty significant wind to contend with. I kept the pace down so the wind didn’t pose too much of a problem. I probably could have gone for a ride yesterday if the weather had been agreeable. But it was raining and thundering more than not. So today was my first ride since completing the PA 600k last weekend.

Nothing much to mention regarding today’s ride. I pedaled and as a result I finished. Both my hipflexers are out of wack. The right one is worse than the left. I had quite a bit of trouble walking across both bridges that make it possible for me to go into and out of Pennsylvania during this ride. But nothing pinged! I’ll have to start doing some exercises to rehab those muscles. Plus I probably should start doing a little more walking than I’ve been doing of late. Mostly just relax, ride, and swim. Not good for general health.

Click on the map below to see the recording of today’s ride.

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So What Is Next?

So What Is Next?

Late last year I looked at the RUSA Calendar and figured out what rides I would want to participate in during 2019 so I could pick up two more RUSA Cup awards. So far I have done all the rides I included in the plan. But things are about to change.

The plan had me doing the NJ 400k next weekend, and then the Upstate NY Fleche (360km) the next weekend. However, the fleche event isn’t going to happen. And without the fleche event, I’m not going to be able to get a 3rd RUSA Cup before the end of 2019. With this said, I have no need to do the NJ 400k this coming weekend. And therefore, I will not be doing the NJ 400k. It’s not a ride I ever really wanted to do. South Jersey bores me when it comes to bike riding. But it would have been an easy 400k of calendared RUSA miles if I had needed them.

So as things stand now my next ride on the RUSA Calendar that I will be participating in will come on June 8th. It’ll be a 400km ride out of Boston that heads up to Maine. And then on June 20th I have the VA 1000km ride that I’m very much looking forward to doing. In July and August I will ride enough of my RUSA perms to get me the K-Hound award before September rolls around.

Still planning to do the Hound Dog 1200k in TX in late September. And on Oct 12th I’ll do the PA 150k.

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Saturday 600k Calendared RUSA Ride

Saturday 600k Calendared RUSA Ride

Today (actually today and Sunday) was a long day. I got up around 12:30 (midnightish) to drive over to Easton, PA for a 4:00 AM bike ride start that was set to last 374 miles (600km) approximately. The weather was really nice. Didn’t get rained on a bit. And the temp was ideal on Saturday (60 to 70 degrees). Around 50 degrees Sunday morning early, but got hot (85 degrees) by late morning on Sunday. The ride was a 2-day event with a 40-hour time limit. There were 29 starters, and I was the third bike, and 4th individual, to complete the course. Two of those ahead of me were riding a tandem bike.

During the early stages of the ride I was being asked how I felt about the ride. I typically responded that I was conflicted as to how I thought this ride would pan out for me. Part of me thought I had a good ride in me. But another part of me thought I wasn’t really in the mood to create a stellar performance. Things just kept going my way as the ride developed and I found myself at or near the front of the pack for the entire first day. At the overnight I wasted about 45 minutes socializing and cleaning up before taking a 40-minute nap. Then departed to take on Day 2 during which my rump was sore and I had nobody to ride with. I rode alone the entire second day and finished the ride in somewhere around 34:30, or something like that.

I really liked the course. I liked the fact that it included an historic covered bridge in Bucks County, PA. And that it headed into Philadelphia all the way to the Philadelphia Art Museum. I liked the roads selected for the most part. I thought it was kind of cool almost running over two adult living porcupines at 3 AM on Sunday morning. I especially liked the chocolate milk I had in Blairstown toward the end of the ride. Really creamy, rich, and cold. I liked the views I got at the Reading Pagoda and Skyline Drive soon thereafter. I liked the view at Hawks Nest near Port Jervis. And I liked the view after I climbed out of Delaware Water Gap Park.

I thought there might have been too many bike trails used on this course. And I know I did not appreciate the poor roads heading into and out of the overnight controle. Way too many potholes to navigate while riding after dark at the overnight. But without those crappy roads I would not have been able to meet the two porcupines.

My smallest gear on this ride was a 24×34, and that was not low enough to get me out of the Delaware Water Gap Park without doing a quarter mile walk. I was hoping to ride all the way to the top, and I almost did. But I was not willing to burn the extra matches required since I still had to complete the ride thereafter.

I think on three occasions I hit bumps in the road that jarred my GPS device sufficiently to turn it off. As a result I did not record the full ride. So I don’t have a recorded ride results file to include here.

CLICK HERE to see the Day-1-Route at RWGPS. CLICK HERE to see the Day-2-Route. And click on the map below to see the full route at RWGPS.

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Thursday Solo RUSA Ride in Pennsylvania

Thursday Solo RUSA Ride in Pennsylvania

I was conflicted this morning as to what ride I would do today. I skipped my morning swim. And I didn’t really feel like doing a ride today. But the weather forecast was really nice for a bike ride. And and and I very much wanted to hit 5000k of RUSA miles for the year today. The only way I could accomplish that without doing a 200k perm was to do my one 100-mile perm that hugs the Delaware River from Morrisville PA up to Easton PA and back to Morrisville. So the facts kind of dictated which ride I would do and when.

I put my Cinelli in the car and drove over to Morrisville. Did the ride, and soft-pedaled the whole thing. I did not want to mess myself up for the 600k event I’ll be doing Saturday and into Sunday. Had a limp headwind all the way up to Easton. And enjoyed a limp tailwind back to Morrisville from Easton. I got a quart of 1% fat choc milk at Wawa in Easton. And then a half gallon of whole choc milk at Morrisville when I got back to the car. The start/finish controle for the ride is the Giant Supermarket in Morrisville. How convenient?

When I got home I input my ride results into the RUSA database. Still waiting on PA Rando to put the results of the PA Fleche I rode almost two weeks ago now. If that were to be input, then my results page would show me at 5035k for the year now. This weekend I’m doing 600k and next weekend I’m doing 400k. So I’m fast approaching the goal of 10,000k by the end of August.

Click on the map below to see the results of my ride today at RWGPS.


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Hill Repeats

Hill Repeats

Whether you are training to be a runner or a cyclist, don’t forget to mix hill repeat workouts into your training.

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Wednesday Mid-Day Solo RUSA Ride

Wednesday Mid-Day Solo RUSA Ride

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday sucked for bike rides. Cool and rainy! Cold rain. But today was a beauty for a bike ride. There was a wind, but it wasn’t too bad. Mostly sunny and temps in the 60s and low 70s.  It was really nice to be out on the bike. I pulled my Cinelli out and did a simple RUSA route that I have that doesn’t require me to load a GPX file into my Garmin device. It’s customizable, too.

Only took me about 4 hours to complete. And I wasn’t even sweating really. The only hassle was having to walk my bike across the Delaware River bridges 4 times. That sucked. The weather should be good enough to get a ride done tomorrow morning. Probably will leave around 9:30 AM.

Click on the map below to see the ride I did at RWGPS.

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Saturday 300k RUSA Calendar Ride

Saturday 300k RUSA Calendar Ride

The past week following the PA Fleche event has been a downer. I never fully recovered from that ride. Not sure why, because it wasn’t a particularly tough event. But this week I never got a good swim in, and I never got enough motivation together to want to do a fun metric century bike ride. I tried on Thursday, but it started raining on me about 8 miles into the ride – so I turned around.

I did have a good night sleep last night. And I was up with plenty of time to spare before heading over to the motel on US-1 for today’s ride. I had intentions of meeting up with Mary F, Marc B, Gil L, and Nigel G during today’s ride since I was pretty sure each would be participating. As a result I started this ride slow. I did not go with the leaders at the outside. I had resigned to the fact that this would be a slow ride for me.

At the start I briefly rode with Mary and Tru. We were dead last to leave the motel parking lot. A few minutes later I found myself talking with Mike G for quite a while. I’d never had conversations with him before. I was looking for his buddy Gil L, but was told Gil was up the road a little. Two miles later we found Gil off course doing something in a parking lot. We did not stop. Had a few words with Scott F and Gary R. And before I knew it I was socializing with Chris S and rode with him (and others) to the first controle. Before I got to that controle I had a few words with George B and Raj N, too. I did not stick around for a long stop. Headed out almost immediately. Gil L came rolling in just as I was leaving.

The next controle was only 12 miles up the road, or down the road depending on how you want to say it. There I stumbled into Nigel G. He didn’t take a particularly quick controle break. So I waited for him to depart so we could chat. Been a while since I’ve ridden with him. Last time was in 2017 when I rode the tailend of the PA 600k. We chatted for a bit, and stumbled into Mike P who I had not spoken with for a while. Then a couple of other riders caught us and we became a real group. A couple miles before we got to the next controle Rudi M and Marc B were on the other side of the rode. They had already gotten to controle I was approaching. When I got to that controle there were several rando riders. I was quick getting my brevet card signed, and hooked up with a pretty fast group there. They pulled me up to Rudi and Marc by the next controle.

Rudi and Marc seemed like they were going to take a break. So I headed out alone pretty quick. If they caught me fine. If not, then fine. Never saw Rudi again. Marc kept catching me at the controles when I was leaving them. Marc was having quite a ride.

The last 50 miles I rode with Andy B who was riding a recumbent. He had loaded the wrong GPS file into his Garmin device and needed some help navigating the course. I had the correct file loaded, but I was not as fast as Andy. I definitely was feeling those last 50 miles. Andy agreed to slow down for me so I could finish with a reasonable time. As we approached the finish it appeared we were going to finish a 185-mile route in under 12 hours. I was very happy with my time of 11 hours 48 minutes. This was my first flat 300k course. But I didn’t expect to ride it that fast. Especially since I had loafed the first third, and was riding my “slow” CX bike with heavy fat tires. The weather was ideal. Didn’t get warm until at least mile 100. And when it did get warm it wasn’t hotter than 76 degrees.

Click on the map below to see the GPS file I recorded during the ride.

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