Fit Does Not Mean Healthy!

Fit Does Not Mean Healthy!

So true, so true.

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Whata Masterpiece 1000k

Whata Masterpiece 1000k

After I designed the Feel the Rush 1200k route out of Leesburg, VA in mid September I spent a few weeks designing ultra-distance cycling routes that began and ended in Georgia. All in all I think I did a couple of 1200’s, a 1000k, a couple each of 600’s, 400’s, 300’s, and 200’s. Of course there was some overlap in there. I posted the two 1200’s and the 1000 in this blog on Oct 3rd.

I took a couple of weeks off from design work and then got the itch to do a 1000k route that starts and ends in my home state of NJ. It’s been a while since I designed a long route that has some kind of link to NJ. Anyway, the result of my effort can be found below. It starts and ends in my hometown of Princeton. It passes through four states: NJ, PA, DE and NY. And it has less than 30,000 feet of climbing. Of course, it is loaded up with plenty of convenience stores that are open 24/7.

I wonder if I’ll ever get around to riding it? I haven’t ridden a brevet in almost two years. And I still have not figured out when I will be getting back on the bike again.

CLICK HERE to see the map below in more detail at RWGPS.

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SR600 Routes on the East Coast

SR600 Routes on the East Coast

It’s been about two years since I actively trained to ride the long rides offered by RUSA. The pandemic came, and I pretty much quit riding my bike. Seems like a lot of other people did the same. There doesn’t seem to be quite the number of cyclists out there racking up the miles that did so two years or more ago.

It’s the time of year that RUSA publishes its Ride Calendar for the next year. And I’ve been interested in seeing which RUSA regions will offer 1000k and 1200k rides. I have a little interest in the 600k offerings, but not so much. Mostly just to see if there are any new routes that have been designed.

A day or two ago the list of 1200k rides was published. Interestingly there were only two offerings that looked pretty neat. They were the ones offered in Virginia called Treasure Cove and Mason Dixon. A total of eight 1200k rides comprised the list. Two of them (NY & NJ) start and finish in the US, but pass through Canada a little. I bet neither one of these will ultimately be run. The border is closed at present. And I see no sign that it is going to open up soon. Two of the offerings (CA & CO) are long time events being offered yet again. And two other offerings (MN & NY) have been offered recently only once. I entered the MN one when it was first offered in 2018. Kind of hot weather back then. And I expect it will be again this coming year. Not fun.

So what seems to be interesting to me about ultra-distance cycling after not having done it for two years. Well, maybe it’s the hilly long rides called SR600’s. I designed two such routes this past Spring. One that starts and ends in NJ, and one that starts and ends in PA. And RUSA has 5 others that exist on the East Coast that are not too far for me to get to should I ratchet up my fitness level. Hill climbing is not for the elderly. And I’m beginning to realize I’m not a young whipper snapper any longer at age 59.

The list of the 7 SR600’s on the East Coast include the following routes:

1 Stroudsburg Climbfest SR600 (PA)
2. Clinton Climbfest SR600 (NJ)
3. Catskill SR600 (NY)
4. Big Savage SR600 (MD)
5. Lynn Kristianson SR600 (VA)
6. So Appalachian SR600 (NC)
7. Helen SR600 (GA)

Maybe next year I will try to tackle some of these rides? Each is 600 kilometers long and involve over 33000 feet of climbing. Gotta get my power to weight ratio up.

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CHPT3 Brompton. A Portrait of Nicole Millar

CHPT3 Brompton. A Portrait of Nicole Millar

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CHPT3 Brompton: Matt Stephens

CHPT3 Brompton: Matt Stephens

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A Day in the Life of a Brompton Owner

A Day in the Life of a Brompton Owner

I think small-wheeled folding bikes are so cool!

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Low Carb Diet Does NOT Increase Heart Attack Risk

Low Carb Diet Does NOT Increase Heart Attack Risk

Last month I came across a video on You Tube that documented a top triathlete’s heart attack experience during a competition. CLICK HERE to see that video. That video got a lot of clicks. And it also got a lot of comments. What made the video stand out for me wasn’t so much the content of the video. But instead was the number of comments posted to it. And, more importantly, the number of comments that tried to say that a low fat diet was what the triathlete should follow in his recovery. And also, the idea was floated that it’s the fat you eat that clogs your arteries.

Most triathletes that eat a low fat diet will consume lots of sugar and refined carbohydrates. These are the things that increase your risk of a heart attack. It’s not the dietary saturated fat that is the problem when it comes to increased heart attack or stroke.

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Deep South Challenge 1200k

Deep South Challenge 1200k

It is kinda hard to create a 1000k route and not turn it into a 1200k route, too. Deep South Challenge 1200k is the Absolute Gem 1000k route with a 200k ride added at the end. This 1200k route passes through three states: GA, AL, and SC. These three states arguably make up the “Deep South.” And any 1200k ride will pose a challenge. So it was only natural to call this little puppy the Deep South Challenge.

CLICK HERE to see the map below of Deep South Challenge at RWGPS.

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Absolute Gem 1000k

Absolute Gem 1000k

While I was designing the Sweet Peach 1200k I saw the makings of another long route I could design in Georgia. This one would not only pass through Georgia, but would also touch Alabama and South Carolina. While designing this 1000k route I became intimately aware of the rivers that break Georgia in sections. And it’s not all that easy to design a long route that crosses over the rivers.

CLICK HERE to see the map below of Absolute Gem in more detail at RWGPS.

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Sweet Peach 1200k

Sweet Peach 1200k

Sometime in early September I decided I wanted to explore Georgia a little. Taking a stab at creating a 1200k cycling route in the Peach State certainly provides me an excellent opportunity to do so. While working in RWGPS and clicking on Satellite View, and clicking through to Google Maps and seeing Street View, and visiting HERE WeGo Maps to see traffic volume, I got a pretty good idea of many of the regions and towns in Georgia.

It took about 5 days all-in-all, but Sweet Peach 1200k was what resulted from my efforts. CLICK HERE to see the map below in more detail at RWGPS.

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